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Commercial & Residential Audio, Video and Control & Automation

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What we provide:

Home Theater:  We offer a complete line of THX Ultra 2® certified audio and video products.  All designed to make you feel like a you are watching your system on a ride at a Theme Park!  You will feel like you can reach out and touch the characters and feel the heat of the explosions!

Commercial Audio, Video, Surveillance and Control:  We design and install complete professional audio and video distribution systems and surveillance and control systems.

Home Control, Automation, Networking and Surveillance:  We offer complete Crestron® control and automation systems through our partner Dream Vision Home Entertainment.  Our robust systems are designed to simplify and automate the control of your home with a single touch of a button (from anywhere in the world!).   And with our systems you can view the delivery man from the kitchen or from Karachi.

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Mission Statement:  To Provide our clients with honest and genuine Value and real professional Service.